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Who we are:

“I have lot of goals in life and career. But…”, Chitra used to wish in silence while attending daily chores in her tiny makeshift house in a remote tribal village of Attapadi region. Now Chitra’s silent wish is not just another wish, instead have taken wings and is on course to realisation.

Welcome to Janaka Janani Kripa Gurukulam Trust (JJK Gurukulam Trust), a social service organisation engaged in providing education and a home for children of less privileged and dysfunctional families, like that of Chitra.

We admit children from poor families where often father or mother or both are missing or in such distress that the family is unable to give the necessary care and proper education to the child. In addition to shelter, clothes, books and food (vegetarian) we are providing value based education. The children are sent to the Public school nearby.

At present we’ve two fully functional Gurukulams.

The all-boys Gurukulam located at Vattiyoorkavu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, South India, which started in 2006 houses 20 children at present. Till now many have completed their stay in this Gurukulam and benefitted immensely.

Recently, in 2017, we started a Gurukulam exclusively for girls at Pallippuram village in Thrissur District of Kerala.

Our Gurukulams give all the children a very safe, secure and congenial environment to grow into a confident & able adult to face and be part of the mainstream society, successfully.

Our Gurukulams along with formal education, give the children necessary understanding of traditional Indian values like dharma, dhyana and yoga.

After all, our basic working principle is the Upanishadic saying ‘tamaso ma jyotir gamaya’. Instead of whining about darkness in life, we light a candle.

Come, let’s together bring light in lives of many more children.