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Shanti Nilayam (JJK Gurukulam Retreat Home)

Shanti Nilayam (JJK Gurukulam Retreat Home) is located in a village called Pallippuram near by Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, South India. It is surrounded by lush green tropical woods like coconut and mango trees as well as long extended paddy fields. You can also discover varieties of birds and tropical animals around the Gurukulam.

Shanti Nilayam (JJK Gurukulam Retreat home) is a unique place where people from all over the world can connect with themselves and be in touch with nature. Our interactive approach will empower you to tap into your full potential, develop your inner being and deepen your experience in Yoga, Vedanta and Meditation. To guide and support you, we have experienced teachers who have been trained by Indian Masters.

We are conducting courses to learn Sanskrit, Vedanta and Yoga. If you would like to be in our Retreat, kindly contact us to get more information. Our approach to Yoga and Vedanta is very simple and direct. We are not promising to anyone that you will get enlightenment after attending our courses, but we can guarantee that you will have a completely different attitude towards your life.

What is important to know

Our guests are required to follow the Gurukulam’s daily schedule, which includes plenty of time for socialising, learning, and relaxing. All guests attend the morning and evening Satsang, the morning Yoga class and afternoon lecture and each day to make the most of your stay to contribute to the community experience.

Each day starts and ends with Satsang, a practice that is at the core of Gurukulam life. Here we meditate, chant, listen to an inspiring talk or reading on scriptures.

Hatha Yoga class is held at 8 am. The class is based on the sun salutation, pranayama, the classical twelve basic postures and of course proper relaxation. The focus is on mastering these basic asanas, later on variations are added to improve the flexibility of the physical body.

Meals are served twice a day at 10am and 6pm, are based on a healthy vegetarian diet, using as much as possible seasonal and locally-sourced food.

Karma Yoga at 11am each morning gives you the opportunity to help around the Gurukulam, but also to meet like-minded practitioners and be a part of the Gurukulam community. It is an important aspect of the schedule and opens you into a more subtle understanding of yourself. Karma Yoga is the foundation on which all yoga practice is based.

The daily 2pm workshop/lecture takes you into the deeper practices of yoga, explaining the theory, philosophy and psychology behind which will enhance your practice and expand the mind.

Gurukulam daily schedule

5.20am Wake up
6.00am Satsang (group meditation, chanting and talk)
7.30am Tea
8.00am Hatha Yoga Class
10.00am Brunch (Indian vegetarian meal)
11.00am Karma Yoga (selfless service)
1.00 pm Tea and Snacks
2.00pm Lecture (talks on various Yoga & Vedanta topics)
3.30pm Self Practice of Asana or Mediation
6.00pm Dinner (Indian vegetarian meal)
8.00pm Satsang (group meditation, chanting and talk)
9.30pm Lights out


The daily schedule may change from time to time according to need. The schedule is mandatory unless otherwise indicated.

Make A Donation

JJK Gurukulam Trust is a non-profit charitable institution for doing humanitarian work and is completely staffed by volunteers. Those who wish to donate may contact mailto: jjkgurukulam@gmail.com

Contact Us

Please make any enquiries about JJK Gurukulam and its activities through the Gurukulam e-mail  jjkgurukulam@gmail.com (This is the easiest way to direct your enquiry)

The permanent postal address of the Gurukulam is:

JJK Gurukulam
Pallippuram, P.O. Kodannur
Thrissur District, Post PIN Code 680563
Kerala, India
Email us for more informaiton: jjkgurukulam@gmail.com


The Gurukulam offers two simple and functional types of accommodation.

  • Alakananda Rooms: Shared twin rooms with private bathroom
  • Dormitory: separate women and men, containing up to 6 beds.

For all types of accommodation two bed sheets, pillow, pillow case, and mosquito nets are provided, solar heated water is available.

There are no single rooms.

General Rules

Gurukulam Rules and Guidelines:

Maintaining a positive spiritual atmosphere requires the involvement and participation of all guests and staff. In this regard we request your cooperation in observing the following rules and guidelines.

The Gurukulam reserves the right of admission and guests may be asked to leave if their behaviour is contrary to the Gurukulam rules and teachings.

JJK Gurukulam is an abode of peace and shelter from the pressures of worldly life. It provides a safe space for personal development and the pursuit of spiritual ideals. People come from many walks of life and from every corner of the world to experience the profound spirituality of ancient India, and the centuries-old disciplines of Yoga and Vedanta.

Guests’ behaviour and dress code should be respectful of the local culture and enhance the spiritual atmosphere. Observance of the dress code should be maintained at all times including during asana classes or silent walk.

Registration & Visa requirements:

Guests are required to bring a valid photo ID along with them. Foreign Nationals are required to bring their original passport. A visa is required from most countries to visit India.

Check-in / Check-out:

All guests check in and out at reception upon arrival and departure. If you are leaving outside office hours (8am to 8pm), please check out the previous day.

All bedding has to be returned before departure.

Prohibited Items:

Smoking, alcohol, drugs, meat, fish, eggs, garlic and onions are not allowed. The use of mobile phones is only permitted in designated areas outside of class times. Photography, video, audio recording during classes and ceremonies is only possible with the permission of the director. Pets are not allowed.


Attendance at all Gurukulam activities is mandatory. As a mark of respect for the teacher and as a practice of self-discipline, guests are required to be on time and to remain for the duration of each programme. Asana classes are open to resident guests only.


Guests are requested to observe silence during meals, before morning Satsang and after evening Satsang.  Lights out after 9.30pm.

Karma Yoga:

The Gurukulam is a charitable, non-profit organisation supported by dedicated volunteer staff. One hour a day is allocated to karma yoga or selfless service when we ask the guests to help out in the Ashram. It is a lot of fun and you soon feel part of the Gurukulam community.

Dress Code:

Women as well as men must cover shoulders, midriff and legs. Tight fitting, transparent and revealing clothing are not permitted.

This includes:

  • Shorts above the knee • Leggings
  • Low cut and sleeveless t-shirts • Tank tops

Male-Female Relations:

To respect the local culture and the monastic tradition, kindly restrain expressions of affection such as hugging or kissing in public. Guests at the Gurukulam are advised to observe celibacy (brahmacharya) as part of the spiritual discipline. Male and female dormitories are separate.

Men are not allowed in the ladies’ dormitory and vice versa.

The JJK Gurukulam organisation of India disapprove of and condemn any form of harassment directed at guests, staff or visitors.

Harassment Policy:

Specifically no harassment, proposals or innuendos with a sexual connotation will be tolerated during any programme or activity organised by the Gurukulam. Guests and students participating in such programmes and activities are accordingly made aware of this policy and invited to apply it in their personal behaviour during their stay. Any guest or student who thinks she/he may be the victim of unsolicited advances or any other form of sexual harassment is asked to notify a senior Swami or director immediately in order for corrective action to be undertaken without delay. Complaints made to a senior Swami or director will be treated confidentially and the alleged violator or any third party will not be advised of the complainant’s identity without the latter’s consent.

Minimum Stay:

An initial minimum payment for three nights’ accommodation at the Gurukulam is required upon arrival and registration. This payment is non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of early departure.

Payments & Donations:

Daily donation rates at the Gurukulam include classes, food and accommodation. Dates and donations are subject to change without notice. For all programmes guests are subject to the suggested donation in effect at the time of payment.


We serve simple, nutritious south Indian vegetarian food for brunch (10am), herbal tea with snack (1.00pm) and dinner (6pm).

Drinking Water:

Filtered water or ayurvedic herbal water is freely available.


Guests are advised to check with their local health authority regarding vaccinations required for visiting India.

What to bring:

Sandals comfortable clothes, long sleeve t-shirt and meditation shawl for cool mornings and evenings, yoga asana mat and cushion, water bottle and a torch, toiletries, towels, natural (!) moskito repellent, personal items

Child Policy:

Unfortunately due to the increased numbers of guests and limited accommodation we can not accommodate children below six years of age during the high season, October to April.

Please note:

The teaching language of the Gurukulam is English.

The daily schedule times and activities may vary according to need.

Free Day:

Saturday is a free day in our Gurukulam, unless contra-indicated by a specific course. Guests are required to attend morning and evening Satsang. There are no lectures on the free day. The morning Yoga asana class and meals are run as usual.


The facilities below are available at specific times only (please check with the office).

All facilities are closed during classes, meals, lectures, Satsang and after 7.30pm.

Safe Keeping:

Valuables may be stored in safe-keeping facility in the reception area.

We do not accept responsibility for guests’ personal belongings

Internet and Wifi:

The Gurukulam provides free wifi facility for guests during specific hours. Due to local conditions internet connectivity can be unreliable. There is an internet space which guests can use for browsing and printing at a nominal cost.

Laundry Service:

An independent and affordable laundry service is available.

The Gurukulam does not accept responsibility for this service


The library houses a variety of books on yoga and related topics.


Incoming and outgoing mail is possible at the Gurukulam. Please check at reception.


Any unwanted items, such as used clothing, medicine etc. may be left at reception for distribution to those in need.

Travel Agent:

An independent travel agent visits the Gurukulam once a week.

The guests can make travel bookings, change foreign currency and cash travellers’ cheques on payment of a commission fee.

The Gurukulam does not accept responsibility for this service.

The Gurukulam cannot change foreign currency or cash travellers’ cheques.

Travel Information

By Air

There are daily international and national flights into Kochi. From the airport, you can take a pre-paid taxi directly to the Gurukulam (55km). The pre-paid taxi booth is situated near the exit as you come through arrivals. If you need a pick up kindly write to us.

By Train:

Thrissur Central Station is connected by rail to all main cities in India. When you reach Thrissur, you can take a prepaid taxi or auto-rickshaw from the stand at the entrance to the Station. JJK Gurukulam is 13 km away from the central station Thrissur.

You are advised to book rail tickets early. Trains are usually fully booked near the time of travel. Train e-tickets can be booked up to three months in advance via the internet. Train information can be obtained via www.indianrail.gov.in. Credit card bookings can be made via www.irctc.co.in.

Bus Service:

Pallippuram, where Gurukulam is located, is 13 km from Thrissur. You can reach here from Thrissur via Kurkenchery, Palakkal, Ammadam then will be the Pallippuram. There are many Pallippuram in Kerala, therefore you have to tell taxi driver specifically “Ammadam Pallippuram”. When you reach Pallippuram there is a Devi temple after that there is Sivaji Nagar Bus stop from there turn right, 500 meter away the Gurukulam is located. You can see sign board Janaka Janani Kripa Gurukulam.